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Bob and Alice,
Attached is a picture of Nathan Carroll with the Beaumont he received for his birthday. His friend is a Dall sheep from eastern Alaska. He has been thrilled with the knife. On a hunt like this, where we had to have complete trust in our equipment, both of us carried your knives and have nothing but good things to say about them! Keep up the good work.

Thank you,
Phil Traynor - October 2007

Two of our longtime happy customers
Gene and Josh Smith from North Carolina
Beaumont (left)                 Wellington (right)

Alice adjusting knives in the case at the 2010 Red River Revel Arts Festival

in Shreveport, Louisiana

Alice, at home, with our 2011 Jurors Award, 

and our 2012 Best of Show awards

from the Red River Revel Arts Festival

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Would it be possible

for me to order a knife for my husband just like what we got for our four boys? 

When the knives came,

Jerry said that he

wished he had gotten

one for himself...    

the knives for Roger,

Jason, Craig, and Keith

are absolutely


we could not be more pleased.

Katie B.
Trussville, AL

Bob and Alice,

we received the

knives last week..

we were very

impressed with the workmanship, they

are so well balanced

and beautiful.

The sheaths are

very,very nice also.

We will pass on your expert workmanship

to our hunting friends.

We thanked Bill Eilek

for referring you to us..

It has been a pleasure

doing business with you, I'm sure you will hear

from us again.


Thank you !


Gene, Peggy

and Kyle Vennes



                      Bob and Alice

I received my knife this morning from Fedx and have spent the day just

messing with it trying to get use to what it's like to have a knife of this

quality in my hands.

When I opened the box and saw the Sheath, I couldn't believe what my eyes

told me. You talk about a piece of ART.  Alice I wish I could say thanks in person. 

I have a friend who works in leather and I will never let him see this, he would

throw all his tools away. You really did a great job on this, THANK YOU SO MUCH, 

I don't think anything else could hold the other piece of Art that came in the same package.

I have saved for a long time to own a handmade knife, and it seems like a dream

when I look at these two pieces of work.

Bob, I don't know just what to say about the knife,  I will say THANKS SO MUCH, 

BUT that isn't the words either, the work you put in on this is just super.  Not sure

I will ever be able to actually use this in the field like you made it for, I can't express

to you just how much I appreciate what you have done.  The pictures do not do the justice on the pride you put into this item.

I am going to start saving for another which I will try to get in the near future, may try to get one from the Gallery.  Again,  THANKS to both of you for this Beautiful Art.


Mickey Brooks - June 2012


Just received knife, BEAUTIFUL, thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

Stephan Robbins Tennessee

Mr. and Mrs. Legler,

Thank you for the e-mail, I checked everything over

and it is all correct. My father and brother both love

their knives, I am excited for my own.

Thank you again,

  Jake Bartes - November 2009 - Wisconsin

               Dear Leglers--This sounds really nice.  Thanks for the nice service.  Bob, it really made an

impression when, 8 or 10 years ago, I called and told you that I had been cutting up a whole deer in my

kitchen sink.  My Legler knife was up next to the faucet.  I turned on the faucet and the garbage disposal, 

and the knife vibrated off the ledge and  fell straight in the hole. It was seriously damaged, much to my

chagrin. I was willing to buy  a new one but you told me that since I was honest with you on how

it had gotten damaged, you would either fix it or replace it at no charge.  And you did! 

So, here I am again, a continuing satisfied customer buying  another knife. 

Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness in going well beyond "the extra mile."

Your example of business ethics and service is one that we should all aspire to emulate.

Best regards. --Jim C. - Olathe, Kansas

1978201941 Yearsof Fine Handcrafted Knives & Sheaths

Bob and Alice:

I just received my 30th Anniversary knife and sheath they are beautiful!

Great craftsmanship fit and finish. The wood, pearl, and gemstone look great together.   

The balance in my hand is perfect. I am also very impressed with the design and

finish of the sheath. Pictures on the web do not do justice to these works of art!

I would like to finish out my cutlery knives so I would like to order:

Meat Cleaver
Butcher knife
Serrated sandwich knife
Paring Knife
7" Filet Knife

I would like to match the wood that I have. Do you have a record of which wood I need?

Maybe it is Timberland or Nutmeg. It is the color of the original carving set that

I purchased from you at the Blue Crab festival years ago....

Thanks, Stephen Ira 

April 2008 - Florida

I just received my knife today and I wanted to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful.

He is going to love it.

Thanks again for your help.

Dana Baudoin

Oh Yeah! My son-in-law loved his

new knife and Tim was blown away.

He was taken by surprise and did

get to use it this season.

My son carries his folder everyday.


Thanks GUS

Griffin, Georgia

This all looks great. Thanks for helping me out with this quick order. I am so pleased with this purchase. Great customer service.


Anna M.                          

Keller, Texas

Good morning Kansas!

I received the eight (8) steak knives and they are magnificent, as is all your handiwork.

Judy and I are both well pleased. Please fabricate four (4) more identical knives at your earliest convenience. Let me know charges and I will forward payment post haste. Thanks for getting the knives to me on schedule.


Mark S.

Longview, Texas

Dear Bob and Alice,

Jimmy Shaw called

me over to his cubical.

He is one happy camper.

He showed me his new

Breckenridge and one

of the steak knives.

Very nice!

Thanks for taking

good care of him.


VR, Hurley G.

October 2007 

Colorado Springs, CO


Hi Y'all, Merry Christmas.

I love my new knife.

The big handle and

small blade make easy

the work on the deer.

What did you call this model?

I want to order another.
Greg Stockton

December 2010 - Texas

Legler Knives is Bob & Alice Legler

- it is simple as that!

We have made handcrafted knives

and leather sheaths

for 35 years now.


Our original idea was to make

a handcrafted knife that was

affordable, aesthetically pleasing,

comfortable to use, and

would simply “Get the job done!”


We have always stuck with that

original idea over the years -

even as some of our knives have

become fancier - and we added in

items like kitchen cutlery,

letter openers, cheese planes,

and collector folding knives.


Our knives are all made from

high quality 440c stainless steel,

hardened to 57-59 Rc.

Our average hunter can field dress

4 to 6 large whitetail deer before

having to sharpen their knife.

Of course, how you treat the edge

and what else you might

cut with the knife

will certainly affect this!


We do not offer

our knives wholesale.

If you purchase a new Legler Knife

- you purchase it from us!


There’s only Bob & Alice here

when you call - you will NOT

get a disinterested employee or

a corporate animaton!

English is our first and only

language - and provided that we

can understand you - we should

have no problem taking your order!


Each and every knife we make

comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Please see our

Warranty & How to Order page

for complete details.

Just as a note - we make no secret about it - we are home based -

and our liability insurance, and our city occupational license

will NOT allow us to have a retail showroom, or any foot or vehicular traffic of a business nature at our address - so please do not ask if you can come by -

to purchase items - or to watch us work!


You will have to visit our website,

talk with us via phone, email, text, or WhatsApp, or see us at a show!

Please feel free to call or text us, anytime, 7 days a week 913.677.2012

or send us an email: LeglerKnives@gmail.com

Bob and Alice,

First of all, thank you for getting the knife

to me in the allotted time frame you promised.

I am truly amazed at this knife and sheath

as they are absolutely beautiful and can

hardly wait to show it to all my buddies.

The knife and sheath are really a work of art and you guys are the best!!

Also, I know it will perform as well as it

looks based on past experience using

my other knife that I purchased from you a while back never having a problem with its performance.

Again thank you and hope I can possibly

buy another one of your “pieces of art”

from you guys someday.


Larry S

Talladega, AL

I just wanted to let

you know that the

knife was beautiful

and was the perfect gift.

Thank you.

Nancy T.  

Dec. 2012

Ocala, FL

Bob working with customers at the cases at an art festival >>>>>>

Hello Bob & Alice!

This is what I used your knife on this year.  The knife has skinned too many deer to count - but, this is the biggest one, yet.  Thanks for making such great knives.  Mine is about 26 years old and looks like new, the sheath has a few battle scars but still works great.  The deer is 21 points and made Boone & Crockett with a gross score of 216 3/8 and a net of 208 6/8.  He was taken in Pike County, Missouri, on November 12, 2016.

Now to go for his big brother!!

Jack Jones (GJJ)                                            January 2017

And a happy side-note from Alice :

Jack signed his name above with the initials that I put on his sheath, after his name - because several years after I had made his sheath - he called and ordered a knife or two for friends... and I was able to share that letters (or the alphabet) had simply become known as “GJ’s” in our house!            

You see, our daughter Lindsay was learning her alphabet at the time - and I was reinforcing her learning by having her tell me which letters I was setting on the current sheath that I was tooling.  In the same batch of sheaths with Jack’s - I also had two sheaths for a father and son, and their initials were JJG and GJG. 

So when Bob came in, from running errands, and asked Lindsay what we had been doing today?   She happily announced “we’ve been doing GJ’s!”                            

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               smiling face &
words here?  Just send us your in-focus picture and comments via email to: leglerknives@gmail.com
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Awards we received in 2016!!

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