Handle Materials

On this page you will find many of the handle materials that we use for our knives. 

There are many various stabilized burls and hardwoods available. We have limited quantities of DymondWood still available in select colors…..  please see note regarding availability of Dymondwood! Then there are the polyester pearl materials and reconstituted gemstone materials, and Chital Stag (axis deer antler).  For various gemstone materials, please see other example on our website, especially the Folding Knives page.

Polyester Pearl

Polyester pearl comes in many colors. It is a polyester resin based material similar to epoxy resin. Most of the time Bob uses this material as an accent, rather than a primary material on knives.  Unfortunately, poly pearl does not do well with being bounced off a concrete or tile floor - fortunately - however - this is covered under our lifetime warranty!

Polyester pearl is a $35 add on for entire handles on fixed blade knives.

Abalone Pearl PolyesterWhite Pearl PolyesterBlack Pearl PolyesterBurgundy Pearl Polyester1978201941 Yearsof Fine Handcrafted Knives & SheathsChital Stag

Chital Stag is also called Axis Deer. It is an extremely dense antler and resists cracking, unlike domestic Whitetail Deer, or Elk antler.  Chital Stag can be used on any of our enclosed tang handled knives.

Price will vary depending on whether you wish a crown butt, or brass butt.

Crown butt ends are finished off with gemstone inlays.

Standard Chital Stag stick is shown in the top photo at left, and is a $60. add on to the DymondWood price.


The lower image shows a Chital Stag Crown stick.

All Crown sticks will have the butt finished off in the gemstone material of your choice and is a $95.       add  on to the standard DymondWood price.


If you desire a single strip of matching gemstone next to the brass hilt, that is a $30. add on.

1978201941Yearsof Fine Handcrafted Knives & SheathsDymondWood

“DymondWood® is a highly engineered wood/plastic composite, that has the physical and mechanical properties of high density hardwood, acrylic, polycarbonate plastics and brass. Here, brightly dyed northern hardwood veneers are combined with engineering grade resins, heat and pressure to create a product that has the best characteristics of each. DymondWood® is distinguished by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, and weather and moisture resistance as compared to regular wood.

(Quote from the Rutland Plywood Corporation, makers of DymondWood)


Bob has been using DymondWood for around 30 years now.

It is one of the most stable, water resistant, and attractive materials used on modern hunting knives.

Please note: the 2 color layups can be made with either color on top.

AcornNutmegBlack WalnutBlue MesaCaribbean BlueWoodlandTimberlandMoonshadowMardi Gras

Special Note regarding Dymondwood!  August of 2014 Rutland Plywood Corporation suffered a catastrophic fire that destroyed their entire production facility.

We still have limited stock of some colors of Dymondwood in stock, but we will not be able to re-stock!

Cactus FlowerStabilized Burl & Hardwoods

Stabilized burls, and hardwoods are treated with an acrylic resin compound

that makes the wood extremely water resistant. 

Burls and hardwoods cost us more, and therefore do add a greater price to the knife.

Supplies or these woods can be somewhat sporadic at times, and

color densities and patterns will vary even in the same piece of burl!

Amboyna BurlRedwood BurlFiddleback MapleCurly MapleBlack Ash BurlBox Elder Burl

Please note: In addition to Natural, we also offer Box Elder Burl in many “Dyed” color versions, as well. These colors include Teal, Purple, Blue, Red, and a Teal & Purple combination.

Big Leaf Maple BurlCalifornia Buckeye Burl

Please note:  California Buckeye Burl varies in color from a light maple, to a very dark charcoal, or a mix of the two colors. Because trees actually create these burls, the color will vary dramatically from piece to piece!

CocoboloDesert IronwoodMediterranean Olive

At various times, we will also have other burls and hardwoods available in limited quantities, hence why they do not appear in this listing.  Ask us about availability on Monkey Pod, Afzelia Xylay and others!

Orange Pearl Polyester