Leather Sheaths

One of the more frustrating issues of buying any knife, is the sheath that comes with the knife.

Oftentimes, you purchase a nice knife, just to have it arrive in a flimsy cheaply made sheath! Within a short time the thread stitching is cut out, or the knife is being dulled by rivets.
NOT from Legler Knives! 
If you take any care of the sheath at all, read the instructions that come with the knife and sheath, and don't abuse it by subjecting

it to chemicals, or soaking in water, our leather sheaths will last

as long as the knife!

A newer more detailed photo of our leather sheath.

Initials or animal imprints at no extra charge!

Brushguard: Prevents knife from falling out of the sheath or being pulled out when walking in high grass, even if you inadvertently leave the strap unsnapped

Top Quality Scovill DOT Fasteners. This is the only metal you will find in our sheaths, no rivets to mar or dull your blade

The knife actually rides on this surface, and is stopped by the finger guard, preventing the knife from cutting through the sheath!

1/8” thick latigo lacing is far more durable than thread. The lacing actually fuses itself over time to the other leather.

This picture shows that you can have your initials on the brushguard (3 of them) with an animal below... or an animal on the brushguard and your initials below (2 of them)... if the sheath is physically large enough.A father & son duo!  Shows how the initials look on various size sheaths.

The entire sheath works more like your gun holster, and does not rely on the knife for support.

We use only the finest 9-10 oz English method vegetable tanned hides for our sheaths.

Each sheath is hand tooled by        Alice Legler .  The tooling compresses the hide making it more durable. Sheaths can be made left handed as well.

We generally have some inventory of leather sheaths in stock, however, left handed, initials, or specific imprints must be handled on a special order basis.

On the fillet knife sheath, if you want initials they look best on the bottom portion of the sheath.  Trout or Bass imprints look best on the brushguard.

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Note: Alice no longer makes sheaths for any knives other than our knives - so please - no inquires from knifemakers - or those seeking a replacement sheath for a knife from another maker.  Thank you!

Note to Bob & Alice…

Remember to shoot the video of Bob demonstrating the proper way to put the knife in and out of the sheath!