Kitchen CutleryStandard Kitchen Cutlery

Many folks refer to cooking as  “The Culinary Arts”  we prefer to think of it as “The Sport Of Cooking”!

As with any sport, often times the equipment makes all the difference in your enjoyment of the sport.

Poorly made or dull kitchen cutlery is not only not much fun to use, but can be downright dangerous. 

Below is our offering of our standard American style kitchen cutlery.

We do not show a “set price” because it is up to you to determine what you wish to have in your set of cutlery.

Kitchen cutlery is made on a special order basis, as it is impossible to have sets made up in advance.

Occasionally, we will have a few individual items, or BBQ and Carving Sets, made up - so check the WebShow

for instant gifts for weddings, cook-outs, and hostess gifts!

Example of a jazzed up

Standard Series

BBQ Set in Teal Dyed

Box Elder Burl

with chevron inlays!

Refer to Gifts of Distinction page

for chevron/herringbone inlay add-ons

Note: All standard cutlery can be made with bolsters like the Elegance Series shown below, there is a $10.00 per knife additional charge.

Elegance Series CutlerySteak Knives

What could be more impressive than serving an intimate gathering  freshly grilled steaks with handcrafted steak knives adorning your table? Again, you determine what constitutes a set of steak knives.

One, six, eight, or twelve??  You decide!


Serrated steak knife sets.......

$79.95 each knife (in standard DymondWood)
$114.95 each knife (in Burls/Hardwoods handles)

.7 3/4” Chefs Knife

 (8 1/8” cutting edge)


.6” Santoku


.6” Cook’s/Chef’s Knife


.3 1/2” Paring Knife


Our Elegance Series cutlery is a stylish step up for the discriminating chef. 

These come standard with the stabilized burl or stabilized burl and gemstone, handle materials.

Examples of Standard Series Cutlery knives with bolsters shown here

on magnetic storage/display racks less than

12 inches wide

Oyster knives - Cheese planesOther Kitchen ItemsOyster knives

You asked... we listened!

If you’re familiar with oyster shucking - you’re gonna love these!  If not - Google it - it’s never too late to learn how to shuck your own!

Super Shuckers41 Years

Our cheese plane is a joy to use... simply reach out your index finger on top of the metal...  just below the slot opening for the blade... when ready to use... and it will cut uniform thin slices... rather than digging across the horn, or brick of cheese!    

Pricing on cheese planes ranges from $119.95 to $189.95.  It depends on the handle materials used and whether the cheese plane has burl/hardwood on one side with the design on the other, or whether it has design on both sides...                   

19782019of Fine Handcrafted Knives & Sheaths

Handle material possibilities are limited only by our imaginations!


Engraving is NOT available on cheese planes.

Cheese Planes

These are indeed SUPER SHUCKERS!

They don’t get their name lightly… these are made of 1/4” thick material and are heavy and strong enough for the long haul.

Each Super Shucker comes with a leather pouch for storage.

If you enjoy oysters, you’ll enjoy shucking them with one of these!

Blade Length: 3”

Blade Thickness: 3/16”: (thickest)

Blade width: 9/16”

Handle Length: 4”

Handle width: 1 1/4” (widest point)

$159.95 w/ leather pouch

Abalone Polyester Pearl

California Buckeye Burl

Orange Polyester Pearl

Pictures shown here are just examples of some of the various handle materials that Bob can use!

Here’s a handsome set - with a matching diamond steel - using both Elegance Series Cutlery pieces and Standard Series Cutlery pieces together with bolsters (rather than finger guards) with complex herringbone inlay work - using Atlantis Turquoise. 

Please call us or refer to Gifts of Distinction page for chevron/herringbone inlay add-ons

.This is a barbeque set showing the:


Cooks Fork


Examples of jazzed up Elegance Series Cutlery pieces with chevron inlay work.  Please refer to Gifts of Distinction page

for chevron/herringbone inlay add-ons

Meat Cleaver  6” X 3”....$149.95  (DymondWood)  $209.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
This is a classic heavy meat cleaver, perfect for separating beef,  pork, or fowl. Very heavy duty - not for the faint of heart!

Butcher Knife 8 1/8"......$114.95 (DymondWood) $174.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
This large butcher knife is especially handy for cutting ribs, as well as slicing large roast dishes.

Serrated Bread Knife  9 1/8”....$114.95 (DymondWood) $174.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
Tired of cakes and breads crushing or tearing as you try to cut them? This long

serrated knife will do the trick!

French Chef’s Knife 8".............$119.95 (DymondWood) $179.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
This is the classic 8" French Chefs knife. Great for chopping vegetables, as well as other general purpose cutting in the kitchen.

Cook’s Fork.............................$94.95 (DymondWood)  $154.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
If you need to stabilize the meat you are slicing this fork is the answer.

Mandatory for carving turkey or slicing a roast.

Carving Knife 9 1/4"................$119.95 (DymondWood) $179.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
From Thanksgiving turkey, to the Christmas Goose, this carving knife will allow you to make perfect slices. 

Utility Boning Knife 6 1/2"..........$94.95 (DymondWood) $154.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
One of the handiest knives in the kitchen for deboning chicken... A must for any properly stocked kitchen.

Sandwich Knife 5 5/8"
Available in both serrated (shown) or plain edged. The Sandwich knife is a very handy tool. It will handle sandwiches as well at all your small cutting and chopping chores.  Great for slicing tomatoes and onions!
Plain Edge ......................................
$89.95 (DymondWood) $149.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
Serrated Edge ...............................
$89.95 (DymondWood)  $149.95 (Burl/Hardwood)

Paring Knife  31/4”.....................$79.95 (DymondWood) $114.95 (Burl/Hardwood)
This small but mighty little knife is truly the workhorse in any kitchen, not a bad idea to order 2!